A Message from our Chapter President, Michelle Geil

Hi Everyone. I want this to be the beginning of a dialog between us, since there is so much coming up that we can share. This year has been a wake-up call and a call to arms, or at least a call to all hands on deck. We are trying to wrap our heads around the threats posed by a global virus, a dangerous and out of control president, and the violence and systemic racism affecting black communities
and individuals throughout the country. At the same time, our organization and others are fighting to have the deadline for the ERA repealed, and working to recognize and improve intersectionality in our chapters. “Involving members of multiple social categories” is one definition of intersectionality. How can we extend its meaning to encompass all these topics, which intersect at various places in our society? These events don’t occur in a vacuum, and all are so important.

Let’s talk about how to include women and supporters of all colors, shapes and sexualities, with a new understanding of our place in the world as leaders, warriors and healers; inclusive and respectful of ourselves and each other. An intersection is also literally a place of meeting; I believe we can and in many cases are already doing that. As it relates to our organization, how can we intersect and interact with NOW at the state and national level to make us all stronger? How do we ensure our goals include a shared vision, recognize the unfair advantages and privileges that are inherent in these relationships, and work to overcome them?

My view of intersections is that they often include crosswalks, which make it safer for people to walk together and to meet in the middle. I suggest we each take on the role of crossing guards, guardians who can be present for each other while we walk these roads. As protests continue in the streets and we learn from them (much as many of us taught them with our own marches in the past), we see there is strength and comfort in numbers. We can continue crossing these streets (and the internet highway) together, becoming stronger for our differences as long as we share a common goal. I look forward to continuing to clarify and fight for these goals, with your feedback, advice and ideas.

Onward with respect, in peace and power – Michelle


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