Not Always

My Mom nearly died with her first baby
Misplaced deep in Mom’s insides
Mom’s life was saved with an abortion
And that choice was very hard

Mom’s parents never forgave her
My Dad was rarely by Mom’s side

That taught me, choices aren’t always easy
Though they’re not always hard
And their cost is high
But it’s none of our business

Too many people judging
Cruel in their hearts

Mom lived a sad life
Mom, too many people judged you
None of them understanding
Love that we all need

And she lost her first child
That just had to be

All of us Mom’s five children
Tried our best to bring back Mom’s heart’s spring
But she taught me that choices aren’t always easy
Though they’re not always hard
And their cost is high

To bring a smile to Mom’s tired heart
You know with time Mom’s smiles were easy

But in the end, it was tired and too hard
Some claimed she could have refused that abortion
Mom and we all would never live if she died
I know that choices aren’t always easy
Though they’re not always hard

Mom made the best choice she could
And Mom’s cost was high
It nearly cost all our lives
And Mom’s memory now sits awkward in my heart.

San Gabriel Valley-Whittier Now Stands with Planned Parenthood

San Gabriel-Whittier Valley NOW (SGVN NOW) has just donated again to Planned Parenthood to help it fight the latest round of attacks against it. On September 18, the House of Representatives voted to stop federal funding of Planned Parenthood’s preventive health care services, including breast cancer screening, for the millions of women across the nation who depend on them. Legislatures in five states have actually defunded Planned Parenthood after a video made by the “Center for Medical Progress” purported to show that the organization is selling fetal tissue for profit.

On September 22, the bill failed to get the 60 votes required to advance. The fight continues.

The “Center for Medical Progress,” an anti-choice group, secretly recorded the video and then “heavily edited and ‘significantly distort[ed] and misrepresent[ed] it,” according to Glenn Simpson, a partner at the research firm Fusion GPS, in a report submitted to the leadership in Congress. The mission of the Center for Medical Progress is to take away essential services, such as mammograms and birth control, and to ban abortion entirely.

SGVW NOW is a long-time supporter of Planned Parenthood; we will keep fighting for women’s health care.