In Memoriam: Light Two Candles

Henry Howard a fearless feminist, rockstar reproductive rights advocate and a dear friend shared his poem Light Two Candles at our April 2019 #MeToo event from his most recent book. He offered his book for sale, and in true Henry fashion, he donated the proceeds to our NOW chapter.

We are forever thankful, and we’ll miss you.

Light Two Candles

As Hannukah sends forth its light
To roll back the darkness in our lives,
Light two candles to drive away the shadows
In men’s and women’s lives.

Light one candle for the courage of women,
Who have lit their own way forward to the future.
Light one candle for the men in their lives
Who have shared the long and winding road,
Not leading the way, but walking as partners side by side.

Light one candle for every woman,
In the silence of sexual harassment or abuse,
Who is silent no more,
And whose steadfast voice
Shakes her chains of bondage loose.

Light one candle for every man
Who refuses to hide in an ivory tower,
And use gender or position
To make women cower.

Light one candle for every woman
Who speaks truth to power,
To call forth the power of Sisterhood.
And light one candle for every man
Who gives up his false power
To free both sexes—if he only would.

Light two candles side by side
For the bravest of both sexes who walk together,
Talk together, understand together,
And with one voice, as women and men,
Shout down the darkness with two little words:

~ Henry Howard

Not Always

My Mom nearly died with her first baby
Misplaced deep in Mom’s insides
Mom’s life was saved with an abortion
And that choice was very hard

Mom’s parents never forgave her
My Dad was rarely by Mom’s side

That taught me, choices aren’t always easy
Though they’re not always hard
And their cost is high
But it’s none of our business

Too many people judging
Cruel in their hearts

Mom lived a sad life
Mom, too many people judged you
None of them understanding
Love that we all need

And she lost her first child
That just had to be

All of us Mom’s five children
Tried our best to bring back Mom’s heart’s spring
But she taught me that choices aren’t always easy
Though they’re not always hard
And their cost is high

To bring a smile to Mom’s tired heart
You know with time Mom’s smiles were easy

But in the end, it was tired and too hard
Some claimed she could have refused that abortion
Mom and we all would never live if she died
I know that choices aren’t always easy
Though they’re not always hard

Mom made the best choice she could
And Mom’s cost was high
It nearly cost all our lives
And Mom’s memory now sits awkward in my heart.

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